Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bill Bristow's Marshfield walk of 26th February.

On a clear sunny February morning twenty one members met at Marshfield for a two mile walk over minor roads and footpaths across fields to observe winter bird activity. The previous week on a recce of the area the air and fields had been virtually alive with over- wintering Fieldfares and flocks of Gulls, many following the plough as the local farmer prepared the land for its next crop.
On the day of the walk however all these birds were absent but we were entertained by a good deal of Skylark activity. It was instructive to see these native birds in large numbers, some flocking together, some fighting as they attempted to secure breeding space. Another endangered bird in evidence here is the Yellowhammer. We saw and heard a number of these during our three hour perambulation. Other birds of note seen were a lone Kestrel and a charm Goldfinches. At the end of proceedings a total of seventeen species were counted, the final one recorded being a small flock of House Sparrows in the village itself.

Christopher Phillips

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