Saturday, 30 June 2012


Good to see that Marbled Whites can still be seen on the hill at this time of year. Despite the wind and only occasional sunny patches, I counted 5 in the short time I was there- plus8 to10 Meadow Browns.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

HAZELBURY COMMON- 28 June Spent a large part of this afternoon at the Common in hot(26)/sunny/windy conditions.Marbled Whites in abundance (40+) with one on virtually every knapweed flower, also plenty of Dark Green Fritillaries -counted at least 25 in first 90mins there.Fresh and very active/fast fliers - when they did nectar(rarely and not for long)it was often on pyramidal orchids.As a result only managed one blurred photo.Many Meadow Browns(30+),several Ringlets,and one each of Red Admiral, Common Blue. After Mike G. arrived we added a Large Skipper and a very faded/battered Dingy Skipper to the list. Many Burnet moths were also flying/emerging

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Brown's Folly, Sunday 24 June 2012

A nice post from  Brown's Folly reserve on 23rd June 2012 including a very interesting Beetle                    

.Click here for photos

Thanks to Chris

Friday, 22 June 2012

Bee Orchid surprise

One of four Bee Orchid found growing on a Steway lane lawn.

Click photo to enlarge

Thanks to Sue Oldfield.

Re - Bee Orchid Surprise

Bee Orchids are a regular feature on one Cranwells Park lawn. This year has provided the

 best show so far. One other lawn has also been visited.

There are also Pyramidal Orchids nearby in the border of Victoria Park adjacent to Weston


Thanks Gordon
Catcott Heath Trip report

Monday, 18th June 2012
(Leader: Lis Allen)

Catcott Heath is a Somerset Trust Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels. A very small group met here on an unusually fine day after weeks of rain.As we walked along the track to the Reserve, we enjoyed a varied selection of late song from many Warblers (Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Cetti’s Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Garden Warbler, Sedge Warbler, and Blackcap), as well as from Robin, Wren and Goldfinch. Swallows zoomed over the meadows, a Buzzard circled overhead, and on the newly cut water channel we spotted Heron, Little Egret and Shelduck.  And here one of our new members spotted our first target species, a Variable Damselfly, sharing a leaf with two Azure Damselflies, enabling the differences to be clearly seen.  Azure and Common Blue Damselflies were there in greater numbers.The Reserve itself was flooded in places, so we had to pick our way carefully through the water and sodden peat and the vegetation which had grown up so much due to the  past weeks’almost continuous heavy rain. But the sun had encouraged out the insects, midges and mosquitoes in profusion, but others we had hoped to see - two  Emperor Dragonflies, a female Black-tailed Skimmer and a Four-spot Chaser. Many of the Lesser Spearwort flowers hosted the small but striking iridescent green beetle Oedemera nobilis,  and the leaf beetle Donacia vulgaris basked on other waterside plants.  At the far end of the Reserve, we searched the pools, where we failed to find the Great Raft Spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus). But we were rewarded here by seeing Marsh Cinquefoil,Marsh Fern and Greater Bladderwort.Back in the open part of the Reserve,  we added to the day’s insect sightings with Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell and a female Brimstone Butterfly; plus a great selection of  day-flying moths – Straw Dot, Small China-mark, Yellow Shell , Common Carpet,Crambus lathoniellus, Crambus pascuella and Adela reaumurella of the long antennae. All worth braving the mosquitoes for!

Thank you Lis

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kestrels nesting success

Five Kestrel young awaiting food from parents at Middlehill, Wiltshire on 18th June 2012.

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Thank you Chris please keep us updated.

Invitation to BSBA Exhibition 9th June to 4th August

It would be lovely if you could come to our exhibition in Bath , which celebrates the 125th anniversary of the creation of Bath Botanical Gardens. We have been working for two years to create a stunning display of some of the most significant and important plants – nearly 90 in all – of which I have submitted five.

Come see!

Bannerdown Common - 20 June

Little to see despite the beautiful weather - Meadow Browns, Speckled Wood and one solitary
 Marbled White.

Geoff HiscocksThursday, June 21, 2012

When Peter Shirley and I did the transect at Bannerdown on Tues. we counted 40 

butterflies:28 Meadow Browns,7 Speckled Woods,2 Marbled Whites and singletons for 

Large Skipper,Holly Blue and Peacock.Vast improvement on previous weeks.

Dark Green Fritillary on Bathampton Down

"I was surprised to come across a very fresh Dark Green Fritillary butterfly on Bathampton Down on tuesday morning 19 June in the long grass on the north side of the golf course. It appeared to be feeding on clover flowers. I have not recorded this species at this site before and finding it cheered me up after a depressing circuit having only located a small number of Meadow Brown, a few Speckled Wood, one Large Skipper and one worn female Common Blue. I could not find any Small Heath in the "quarry" and unfortunately I was unable to get up to the site when the weather was hot and sunny towards the end of May.
My other very enjoyable encounter on the morning of 19th June was a family of Willow Warblers, the parent birds feeding four young fledglings."


Thanks to Lucy Delve

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Small Blues at Park and Ride

Small Blues at Park and Ride

I also went to the site today (1pm-ish). Confirm 5 Small Blue (all female) near the entrance

 plus male and female on the first right-hand border on the side adjacent to the Peasedow

n Road.

markWednesday, June 20, 2012

I spent 15 mins there today (11am) and counted 2 males and 6 females.


I had a quick trip to Hazelbury this afternoon.
The Common spotted Orchids are looking good , the Pyramidals need another couple of weeks before they look their best.
I found a great looking beetle (Longhorn Beetle (Rutpela maculata) ) ,Click here for large photo .
Butterflies were scarce , just a few Meadow Browns , 2 Gatekeepers and a Small Skipper.
A single male Small Blue !! at the top end of the common where there is Kidney Vetch growing , lets hope there are more.

Interesting about the Small Blue at Hazelbury.
I last saw/photographed one there in 2004. It was on the other side of the road from the main common, actually on the verge. Never seen one there since but a transect restarted there now so might turn up on that.

Re: Small Blues at Hazlebury

Small blues are regular, if thin on the ground. I've seen singletons regularly over the years since first finding 11 sheltering from the wind in the lane edges on 1 June 2004 (Alan Barrett was present).

Small Blues

Geoff HiscocksTuesday, June 19, 2012
Spent about 20 minutes at Odd Down Park &

 Ride this morning with a friend . We saw 4 o

r 5 Small Blues and 2 or 3 Common Blues on

 the Kidney Vetch near the entrance.

Click here for Photos

Monday, 18 June 2012

Next trip Monday 18th: Catcott Nature Reserve , Somerset Levels

Leader: Liz Allen (01225 852334 or 07890 013609)
Meet: 10.00am. Car park, by road near Catcott Lows bird hides, GR ST399 414 (Explorer map140). Finish: approx. 1.00pm.
Targets: Variable damselfly, Great Raft Spider, Marsh Cinquefoil, Cuckoo?
An easy walk on level ground on paths and good tracks, maybe muddy, boots advised.

A few nice photos taken on the recce 
 Click here

Thanks to Liz Allen

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bee orchids in Victoria Park

I don't know if any one else has seen them, but here is a photo.

 Best wishes


 PS Its been all go with the peregrine chicks over the last two days! One of
 them had to do the butterfly stroke to get out of the river.

Thanks to David Goode

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Small Blues

Are the Small Blues flying at Odd Down Park & Ride yet? Imagine they must be but have been away for two weeks.

Small Blues at Odd Down????

Hi Geoff - sorry I haven't had an opportunity to go up to check in the last week or so. Previous to that there was no joy when

 I did look in but I did get in a good day at Priddy Pools with 11 SPB Frits on 2nd June.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dipper Batheaston

Dipper on the Catharine brook on 9-6-2012  from the bridge in Steway lane.

Steve Curtis 

Friday, 8 June 2012

BBC Springwatch

Small slip up on Springwatch last night, the Peregrine chimney incident was connected to Alan and Gillian Barrett and not previous Bath Nats President.