Friday, 31 August 2012


A nicely marked Roesel's bush-cricket from Bannerdown today.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Three Moths from last night

Steway lane Moth  Trap 29-8-2012
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Willow Beauty 
(Peribatodes rhomboidaria)

Flounced Rustic 

Silver Y  

Square-spot Rustic

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Wildlife sightings on Sunday 26th Aug 2012

1. Roesel's Bush Crickets ST 767636, off NT Skyline footpath, due south of Widcombe Hill, not far from Rainbow Wood House. Found in long grass near bramble patches, close to large logs of felled trees. I found x 4 crickets, they were quite noisy, and heard and seen along with other grasshoppers in the area. No doubt there were more than 4 crickets in that patch.
2. Spotted Flycatcher family, (2 adults, 3 young) in ash/beech trees at northern end of Bushy Norwood, Claverton, not far from boundary wall with the adjacent golf course. ST 779648. We watched a youngster being fed. (A similar family group was seen here in August 2011).

Lucy & Phillip Delve   

Thank you Lucy & Phillip

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Gordon Rich Hazlebury Common am 26 Aug 2012

SOS response!

Hazlebury Common am 26 Aug - 7 Chalkhill, 2 Adonis, 2 Common and 2 Holly blues - not a lot else! Has anyone seen a Brown Argus in our area? - if so, where please?

Thank you Gordon

Rudloe Moth trap (Bath Nats) 18/08/2012

Opening of Rudloe trap 

Rudloe Moth trap (Bath Nats)

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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Please send me more news, sightings, observations etc. from within our recording area and many thanks to our regular contributors.

All the best Steve

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Interesting fly

Canopidae family Steway lane garden 16-8-2012

Conopidae  (Poss conops quadrifasciatus)
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Life style parasitic (in the larval stage); on bees and other Hymenoptera, other Diptera, and Orthoptera.

Adult insects. ;  Neither parasitic nor predatory.

Larvae and pupae. The larvae terrestrial; parasitic; endoparasitic (on Hymenoptera, other Diptera, and orthopteroids); acephalic. The pupae enclosed within a puparium.

Comments. Medium to large flies, usually bare or thinly haired, often resembling solitary wasps in appearance.
Head as wide as or wider than the thorax.

British representation. 24 species in Britain.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Painted Lady

Saw my first Painted Lady of the year at Bannerdown this afternoon while doing the butterfly transect -Click here for full photo

Thank you Geoff

Gordon Rich

 Rare Visitor!
Small Tortoiseshell on a brief visit to my front garden - my first sighting since early spring

Thank you Gordon

Clanger Wood: 19th August 2012

On an exceedingly hot afternoon thirteen members met at Clanger Wood, between Trowbridge & Westbury, for a meeting primarily to discover butterflies and to see what plants were in flower.  I had earlier on tried to walk part of the perimeter of the wood but found muddy conditions underfoot meant we could only use the central straight path that runs the length of the reserve.
On the walk we noticed some plants at the end of their flowering cycle, such as Wood Avens, Meadowsweet, Common Valerian and Broad Leaved Helleborine.  A few were at the start of their flowering season including, Angelica, Hemp Agrimony and Fleabane.
Butterflies noted were Speckled Wood, Silver Washed Fritillery (some rather ragged,) Brimstone, Peacock, Comma, Large White and a number of Purple Hairstreaks on Oak trees.
Insects noted were Copse Snails, of which there seemed to be a generous number, some Darters – Common and Four Spot, Azure Damselfly, a Tree Bee and a solitary Hornet.
The reserve is managed with butterflies in mind and even in this unpromising year it was worth, albeit on a sunny day, to spend an hour or two in this fine reserve.

Thank you Chris

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hazelbury Common 14-8-2012

Nice surprise at Hazelbury Common today a Roesel's bush-cricket (Metrioptera roeseli) down at the bottom end near the large Marjoram patch, still a few Dark Green Fritillary, and good numbers of Chalkhill Blues.
All the best Steve


Alan Carpenter, a BC member, who reports on the Common regularly for the Wilts recorder, saw 2 definite Adonis blues at Hazelbury on the 14th but no Common Blues. Unable to get a photo.

Geoff Hiscocks

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Just outside the recording area I know, but what an incredible creature photographed by Bill Mackie at Lords wood.

Thanks Bill

Greater Thorntipped Longhorn Beetle 
(Pogonocherus hispidulis)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Meeting place for the 3rd September Confirmed

 The meeting place for the 3rd September joint BNHS/RSPB field meeting will be Ashcott Corner.
Click here for Field Program with more details