Monday, 20 August 2012

Clanger Wood: 19th August 2012

On an exceedingly hot afternoon thirteen members met at Clanger Wood, between Trowbridge & Westbury, for a meeting primarily to discover butterflies and to see what plants were in flower.  I had earlier on tried to walk part of the perimeter of the wood but found muddy conditions underfoot meant we could only use the central straight path that runs the length of the reserve.
On the walk we noticed some plants at the end of their flowering cycle, such as Wood Avens, Meadowsweet, Common Valerian and Broad Leaved Helleborine.  A few were at the start of their flowering season including, Angelica, Hemp Agrimony and Fleabane.
Butterflies noted were Speckled Wood, Silver Washed Fritillery (some rather ragged,) Brimstone, Peacock, Comma, Large White and a number of Purple Hairstreaks on Oak trees.
Insects noted were Copse Snails, of which there seemed to be a generous number, some Darters – Common and Four Spot, Azure Damselfly, a Tree Bee and a solitary Hornet.
The reserve is managed with butterflies in mind and even in this unpromising year it was worth, albeit on a sunny day, to spend an hour or two in this fine reserve.

Thank you Chris

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