Friday, 7 September 2012

Trip report

Report on visit to Brown’s Folly Nature Reserve, 11th August 2012

Twelve members attended this visit, in which Alan Rayner demonstrated his ecological ways of observing and appreciating the rich variety of wildlife to be found in this well-known local Nature Reserve. The need imaginatively to combine and prolong views from ‘outside’ and ‘within’ in order to understand the dynamic relationship between what is present and where it is present was emphasized. This relationship was brought out in the contrast between woodland and grassland and in the repetition of similar patterns of life from small to large scales. Individual highlights included dead man’s fingers and eyelash fungus growing on decaying logs, a wide variety of mosses and liverworts growing on soil, boulders and trees, a ‘forest’ of giant horsetails and some sturdy flowering spikes of broad-leaved helleborine.  

Thank you Alan

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