Thursday, 27 February 2014

23rd February 2014: Elm Farm Trip Report

I enjoyed the morning spent with the Bath Nats, mostly old friends. Plenty of chatting and leg pulling  – and they seemed pleased with the range of birds we saw along the way! A sighting every few minutes of one sort or another in fields, woodland, hedgerows, on water and in the fields where plants are grown especially for overwintering birds and seed is put out daily for them.  At this feeding station we saw a good size flock of Yellow Hammer and other small birds. We didn’t see anything rare or unusual, even though we did keep checking the Robins for Red Flank Blue Tail!! The brightest we got was a Bullfinch, largest Heron and smallest Goldfinch, most numerous (after the Yellowhammer at the feeding station) were Redwing followed by Blue Tit, and Pigeon of course! Though some of these turned out to be Stock Dove on checking. My challenge for the day was ‘find me a Brambling’ – no luck!!

A couple of people saw Hare sprinting into the undergrowth, and we all saw Roe Deer before they ran to the woodland, gracefully clearing the fence on their way.

Some had booked a favourite pub for Sunday lunch on their way home, and one and all agreed we had built a good healthy appetite by the time we had walked briskly back up the hill!

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