Wednesday, 23 April 2014


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 As usual, Bath Nats provided a stand at this annual event, which was attended on the first day by Alan Rayner (morning), Marion Rayner (afternoon) and Paul Wilkins (all day), and on the second day by Phillip and Lucy Delve (morning), Alan Rayner (all day) and John Garrett (afternoon). Brief supportive visits were also made by Andy Daw, Chris Vines and Mike Bailey. We took along our now familiar display panels as well as a variety of items for sale and specimens to show. Day 1 was blessed with glorious spring sunshine, but day 2 was cloudier and a cold breeze whipping across the lake made conditions much less comfortable. A feature of our participation was a series of five brief ‘nature walks’ into nearby woodland and grassland for members of the public as well as some members of Bath Nats, who joined us. Two of these on the first day were led by Alan Rayner and focused especially on the wonderful variety of bryophytes and lichens that could be found growing on rocks and tree trunks and revealed in all its microcosmic splendour with the simple aid of a hand lens and moisturiser spray. Newcomers are often surprised and awed by this variety, which most of us pass by daily without noticing, and this occasion was no exception. Having drawn attention to this close-up world, Paul Wilkins then led another walk showing how it could be revealed through camera lenses. On day 2 Alan Rayner was joined by Lucy Delve for one walk and Phillip Delve for the other, who contributed their knowledge of bird-life.
Photo by Mike Bailey

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