Friday, 5 December 2014


“I had a lucky sighting of an otter in the River Avon at about 11am on Sunday 30th November.
I simply stopped on the bridge, heading for the London Road, just to look for any Little Grebes or Moorhens in that patch and was amazed to see an otter swimming quite fast, its head clearly visible out of the water, and heading for the south bank (Kensington Meadow side). I saw it quite clearly without binoculars as it moved along toward the bridge, keeping very close to the bank. It soon dived and I waited for a few minutes, including looking over the other side of the bridge but there was no further sign of it.
My only other local sighting has been one in the river at Batheaston many years ago.
Lucy Delve 
Please could Nats members send me their written mammal records for 2014, by e-mail, with all necessary information, such as date, location and grid reference, by 12 January 2015”. 

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