Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bannerdown Nature Discovery Day- Saturday 6th June 2015

 Bath Nats was invited, along with other local environmental organisations to take part in this special event which was organised by Cotswold Conservation Board as part of the ‘Save our Magnificent Meadows project’.
Not knowing quite how many people to expect we took the Bath Nats display boards- especially refreshed to include a photo quiz- and also prepared a display of grasses as part of the meadow theme.
After some gazebo construction we were ready for action when a sudden rain shower and gusts of wind blew the gazebo over and gave us a forewarning of the day ahead.  Sunny weather was accompanied with frequently gusty wind and so volunteers Janine and Glen spent most of the day holding onto the display boards and gazebo to ensure they didn’t disappear into the trees!
The day proved popular with local people including many families with small children as there was face painting, bee hotel building, some ponies and also the added attraction of local celebrity George McGavin who officially launched the event.
Our photo quiz and grasses display proved popular and we attracted many people to our stall to talk to them about nature and to lead them on some meadow walks. Paul Wilkins led a walk to look for bugs and the children enjoyed using the sweep nets but were amazed and horrified when they caught a hornet!

Marion Rayner

Any More Cuckoos

For the first time in about 6 years we have heard cuckoos in Sopers Wood,

Thank you Sylvia Humphries

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