Friday, 24 July 2015

Around Bath

A few things of interest sent by Ian Redding.
Campyloneura virgula
Family: Miridae
 A common and distinctive predatory bug, found in a range of trees and shrubs. This 5mm individual was found in woodland near Brown's Folly.
Priocnemis propinqua (probable identification) (196/365)
Family: Pompilidae
 Spider-hunting wasps have a fascinating life history. The insects typically paralyse a single spider, which is buried and provides food for a larva. This identification is considered probable due to the use of M.C. Day's RES key, published in 1988, which I believe to be incomplete.
Donacia vulgaris Family: Chrysomelidae
 A reed beetle, distinguished by the violet stripes on the elytra. This individual was resting on hawthorn at night, on the bank of the River Avon.

Thanks to Ian Redding

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