Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wildlife around Bath 25-9-2015

Ivy bee Colletes hederae 9-9-2015 my Patch,Batheaston.

Recent colonist to the UK, strongly southern distribution but spreading rapidly. Oligolectic on ivy and has a later flight period than other Colletes (end of September through October)

Lasioglossum calceatum(Slender Mining Bee) 9-9-2015 my Patch,Batheaston
There are 33 species in this genus in Britain. All of which look similar to Halictus species. These bees have short pointed tongues and often nest in soils, collecting pollen on the underside of the abdomen and on the legs. 

Carder Bee Bombus pascuorum 7-9-2012 My Patch Batheaston. Habitat: Parks, gardens and other open spaces. Size: Queen 16-18mm, males and workers 10-14mm Species Account: By far the commonest of the three ginger carder bees to be found in the UK.

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